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Business Bridge

European business integration

We support the export of services and goods across the current border of the European Union

Who we are?

We are a consortium of companies, NGOs, lawyers, managers who specialize in the field of efficient and qualitative management, including the acquisition of European funds for development purposes. We have been particularly involved in the process of European integration of Eastern Partnership countries for years.

Accordingly, within the framework of this business project, we support the process of exporting services and goods across the current border of the European Union.

We assist in the economic integration of companies, provide training on the most up-to-date topics, advise managers and their families on how to effectively and quickly deal with residence or work permit procedures.

We are a real bridge for all kinds of initiatives that are part of the European Neighborhood Policy.

Our experts

We have gathered in our team experienced experts in management, administrative law, sales and promotion, grant projects, tax and customs

Krzysztof Łątka

Experienced manager, business coach, strategic management methodologist

Wiktor Bujnicki

Expert in formal and legal business support

Olesia Budko

Expert in strategic and project management

Vira Orel

Expert in strategic and project management

Zenon Kosiński

Trainer, animator and consultant in social and business projects

Yevhen Rudnytskyi

Specialist in the area of Internet marketing

Taras Petriv

Project manager, customer service specialist

The process begins by agreeing on goals and analyzing the company’s potential. Next, we perform the market research for the client to verify whether the potential will give the opportunity to achieve the intended goals and at what cost

Analiza rynku

Market research

We will answer your 10 questions about the market that you want to do business in

Lokalizacja marketingu

Localization of marketing

We will tailor your marketing strategy according to your ideal target market

Analiza rynku


We will arrange 5-10 offline / online interviews with potential customers or distributors

By registering your company with us, you will reduce the risk of making a mistake at each stage. This will mean real savings of money and time. You will also become a member of a cross-border business community that genuinely supports each other
Rejestracja spółki

Company registration

Company registration in Poland will be fast and remote

Biuro wirtualne

Virtual office

We will pick up your correspondence and send you a scan of it

Rachunek bankowy

Bank account

Recommend a bank that serves foreign-owned companies

Księgowość i sprawy kadrowe

Accounting and personnel matters

We will recommend a proven accounting firm that serves in Ukrainian, rus. and English

Legalność wjazdu, pobytu i pracy

Legality of entry, stay and work

We will help you obtain an entry visa to Poland, the right to stay and the right to work

Formal, legal and organizational matters

We will prepare all the necessary documents to insure a successful business

Businesses require strategic planning, process and project management, finance for investment, customer communication and logistics. We assist our business partners with standard and non-standard challenges

Planowanie strategiczne i projektowe

Project and strategic planning

We will increase the efficiency and productivity of your business

Wsparcie lokalizacji produktu

Product localization support

We will arrange testing or certification. We will translate documentation and systems

Prowadzenie systematycznego marketingu

Conduct systematic marketing

We will conduct advertising campaigns on various social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram), SEO management services position websites on Google search engine

Lokalne sieci współpracy

Local networks

We will arrange offline / online interviews with potential partners

Wsparcie sprzedaży

Sales support

We will accept the goods, repackage them as needed and transfer them to the intended recipient

Finansowanie działalności  inwestycji

Financing of operations / investments

Take advantage of the Polish financial system, get a lease or loan to finance your car, property and equipment

Zbieranie informacji zwrotnych

Gathering feedback

Gather feedback from partners as to the ongoing cooperation and goods/services used

Badania satysfakcji klienta

Customer satisfaction surveys

You will find out to what extent your goods/services are relevant to market needs

Rekrutacja pracowników

Recruitment of employees

We will find the personnel you need and support your hiring procedures

Problemy z produktem

Product problems

We will reduce the risk of losing customers and revenue

Opracowywanie nowych idei

Developing new ideas

Together with our business partners, we will identify further development opportunities for your company

Optymalizacja procesów

Process optimization

Together we will map out and simplify the operation of your business

Skladanie wniosku grantowego

Submitting a grant application

We will help you obtain a grant for your further expansion/development

Prowadzenie dokumentacji grantu

Keeping records of the grant

We will take care of the bureaucracy of your grant project

Pozyskanie inwestora strategicznego

Acquiring a strategic investor

We will help you negotiate with venture capital funds

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About the real process of economic European integration of Eastern Partnership countries

Our Business Bridge team has registered the business activities of eleven innovative start-ups from Eastern Europe in Poland/Lublin over the past six months. First, we helped them write grant applications. Then

Customers who trust us

Since 2015, we have worked with many large and small enterprises from Poland and Eastern Europe, supporting them with a wide range of business services