Market entry

Initiating processes

Agreeing on goals and understanding the customer's existing potential

The client is given questions to answer so that cooperation can be effectively initiated. The client identifies its goals, needs and potential

The speed and efficiency of Most-Biznesu will be derived from a properly executed analysis of the client’s needs, potential, and properly defined objective

Price: For free

Market analysis

The client will formulate 10 questions, e.g., on required standards, existing competition, potential partners, pricing. The Most-Biznesu team will prepare answers to these questions, giving a picture of the market the Client wants to enter

Saving time and money as a result of making the right decisions appropriate to the existing situation in the target market

Price: from 1000 EUR + 23% VAT


Localization of marketing with cultural differences

The Most-Biznesu team will prepare Polish and English-language marketing materials in cooperation with the client:

  • commercial offers,
  • websites,
  • profiles in social networks,
  • multimedia presentations

Potential partners and clients will receive a business proposal in a language they can understand, taking into account cultural differences, i.e. without barriers that could complicate the negotiation process

Translation into Polish will be carried out by a Native Speaker

Price: from 1000 EUR + 23% VAT



The Most-Biznesu team will schedule the Client for 5-10 offline or online interviews with potential partners, distributors, customers who express initial interest in cooperation with the Client. The interviewees will be selected as a result of the Market Analysis conducted earlier. Marketing materials tailored to the local market will be used to present themselves.

Organized talks will verify opportunities to initiate potential cooperation or first sales

Business Bridge will provide translation of the talks and support logistics, if needed

During the talks, there will be a natural verification of the veracity of the hypotheses raised related to market entry

Price: from 1000 EUR + 23% VAT