Internationalization of Business

Do you want to discover new markets for you and sell your goods in Europe? Are you interested in finding new partners or more attractive price offers? If your answer to at least one of these questions is “YES”, we invite you to use our services of business internationalization. This service is completed usually during 3 months and comprises three stages:

  1. Analysis of the market, prices and competition.
  2. Translation of marketing materials and their delivery to potential business partners. Additionally, our marketing expert can suggest our vision of these materials. We also translate websites into Polish.
  3. Delivery of marketing materials to potential business partners or clients. Feedback collection. Organization of meetings with final clients and B2B meetings.

After three months we evaluate our cooperation and set the rules for its continuation or we correct the goals. One of the most efficient instruments of business internationalization is registration of business in Poland.


Why it is worth registering business in Poland:

1. Your company will become a European enterprise

Enterprises registered in Poland have full access to the goods and services market of the European Union. This is especially significant for companies which provide services. You will be able to derive benefits from your know-how and avoid red tape connected with international money transfers and complicated contracts. Goods launched on the market in one of the Member States, in accordance with the EU regulations, must be allowed on the markets of all other EU States. This makes the procedures simpler for companies dealing with import of goods.

2. You will discover new markets

It happens quite frequently that potential clients from western Europe are afraid of cooperation with Ukrainian enterprises. This results e.g. from distrust in the Ukrainian judicial system in the event the terms of an agreement are not complied with. Another problem is the complexity of the processes connected with import of goods and customs procedures. By registering an enterprise in Poland you will become a more attractive business partner who is functioning in the same legal system and who assumes responsibility for all bureaucratic issues connected with launching of imported products onto the European market.

3. You will be able to use the services of the European banking system 

By registering a company in Poland, you will be able to leave the income earned or its part on European bank accounts, not worrying about lack of stability of the economic situation and the banking system in Ukraine. International money transfers will reach your bank accounts or bank accounts of your business partners faster, which will also increase the trust level on their part.

4. You will be granted the status of an EU resident

Business in Poland will enable you to obtain a temporary residence permit in Poland, and then the status of a resident and a long-term residence permit in the EU. Make use of all the advantages of an EU resident status and forget about red tape connected with obtaining visas for long journeys around Europe and limitations of visa-free traffic. Operating a business in Poland is one of the direct routes to the EU citizenship.

5. Your business will be more stable 

Running your business in Poland, you will be protected by the Polish and European legal regulations. You will no longer fear potential hostile attacks of the competition, your income will be taxed according to a transparent system, and in the event of problems with business partners you will be able to rely on a fair judicial system and non-corrupt police.

If you are ready to become a European entrepreneur, write at: and we will complete all formalities for you!

Using the services of Most Biznesu you will be able to register your business in Poland as quickly as possible, at no additional cost. Starting your business with us in Poland, you will receive: entry in the National Court Register, a bank account, selected accountants, registration in customs offices for the purpose of further import and export, as well as a virtual office and a legal address. We offer professional assistance in the Polish, Ukrainian and Russian languages and possible further cooperation in promoting your business on the Polish and European markets.